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(Private Home Studio)


Mon to Fri 9am to 12h30pm

Saturday 12h30pm to 2pm

Evenings 6pm to 7h30pm

Sunday Closed


Take time and spend it with a true Beauty!


Let my warm, soft, seductive touch coupled with my friendly personality indulge you


I work from my private Home Studio in Northriding. I am a Certifed Massage Therapist who Specializes in Sensual Massage and in a class of my own. I offer an Unrivaled Prestige Sensual Massage Experience… quality, confidentiality, sensuality and fulfilled expectations above and beyond the imaginable


My massage itself is an adventure of sensations.  I offer an authentic firm Swedish Massage combined with a Sensual Massage. I also use many techniques to stimulate and relax you. This will include feather light touch, body to body connection and sensual exploration


I develop ongoing relationships with my clients and truly enjoy making connections


  • Area: NORTHRIDING – Johannesburg
  • Origin: South African
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Age: Naughty 40s
  • Build: Sexy
  • Massage Studio: Private Home Studio
  • Massages: Males Only
  • Off Street Parking: Yes
  • Shower FacilitiesYes
  • Travel/Hotel ServiceNo
  • Payment: Cash or Card (3,89% Surcharge Applicable for Card Payments)
  • Certified Massage Therapist: Yes (Swedish Massage)
  • Specialities: Sensuality, Firm Authentic Swedish Massage


Kind regards.

The Massage Goddessđź’‹


Sensual Adult Massage Johannesburg

Many people embark on sexy erotic adult South Africa to assist them to not just relax, but to aid relieve muscle and tissue soreness and promote healing of injured parts of the body. The techniques utilised by massage therapists Johannesburg are a significant part of one’s physical therapy. It not merely benefits the tissues, muscles, and ligaments, but also the internal organ systems including increasing the immune, circulatory, and nervous systems. If one is to apply the art and science of massage therapy, it is crucial which they use good quality massage therapy equipment.

Sexy Adult Massage In Johannesburg

Always remember with the friction stroke you are working on the deep muscles rather than just the skin to break down knots and nodules, and eliminate waste products by stimulating blood circulation and improving circulation. Using this massage method old scarring might be separated, joints loosened, fatty deposits divided and pain relieved. All of which is effective on the adult South Africa.

Selecting an adult massage therapist Johannesburg in your own home mandates that you educate yourself about one of the most basic features. Most of us have an understanding of the roller mechanism in the back of an recliner. These are gonna provide you the range of massage movements and techniques to your back, shoulders and neck.

Awareness of each movement allows elegance and ease, as movement by the body processes also moves the energy. Preventing energy escaping maintains a balance between rest and activities which can be vital for adult massages in Johannesburg. Tantra see’s rest as a way of storing energy by moving you spread your power across the body. It is not just on a physical level, but in addition by using an emotional and spiritual level that movement and rest are vital, and also the flow of motion across our whole being one important help tantric massage.

How To Find An Erotic Masseuse In Johannesburg Gauteng Johannesburg

Fun Erotic Massage Ideas

There are numerous benefits associated with obtaining a erotic massage. Some of these benefits include aiding the human body’s process of recovery, increasing circulation in your body, promoting one’s relaxation and wellness and providing sensual stimulation on the body. Erotic massages in Johannesburg can be an art which enables you to feel connected and loved especially if it is tactfully completed by a professional massage therapist. It is usually done by kneading, rubbing and caressing certain parts with the body to realize a desired result. The basic goal of which care is to help you the human body to feel rejuvenated and increase one’s all around health and well being.

  • Unfortunately, hardly any Erotic massage perform this therapy and achieve the desired result
  • This is where massage therapists come into play
  • Erotic Massage therapists have spent lots of time learning the way the body works along with the locations of pressure points on the human body and thus they’re able to achieve desired results
  • While the number of masseurs could possibly be high, these types of masseurs have basic to average training for this profession
  • That said; not many masseurs have actually mastered erotic massage and these would be the masseurs which are in high demand

Truly A Sexy Massage In Johannesburg

Sensual Massage Johannesburg

Next, you need to get a site to sell your sexy massage. Sexy massages in Johannesburg, though should you hunt around you might be able to get something totally free. Either way, after you pick the company you want to use, you can set the web page up yourself or work with a sexy masseurs Johannesburg to make it happen. The latter is often a more sensible choice for girls new to erotic sexy massage.- So we are able to see that most folks take some interesting things to attempt in foreplay

  • The first thing to try is could foreplay starts
  • One can send her a flirt sexy massage during the day
  • See how she responds
  • If you can feel she is getting sensual ramp up the messages by becoming naughty
  • One just has to spell out to her what you want to accomplish later that night with sexy massage

Before going out and spending a good deal of money on sexy massage, attempt to get an appointment first. It’s an unfortunate event once you purchase a sexy massage Johannesburg, open it and select that you simply cannot or is not going to utilize it.

Massage Therapist Johannesburg For Massage Parlors

Whether you’ve recently suffered whiplash within an auto accident or you have been working with sciatic pain for decades at a time, massage therapist Johannesburg treatment may be the answer you desire. Offering an alternative to invasive surgical procedures or constant painkillers, massage therapist johannesburg may help alleviate all kinds of joint by treating it at its source. Rather than continuing to suffer day after day, make today the morning that you simply end your pain by seeking the aid of a specialist massage therapist johannesburg.

  • Deep tissue massage is a therapeutic treatment employed to effectively treat repetitive injuries brought on by everyday living or from sports
  • By the use of massage, it’s possible to relax surrounding tissue while focusing about the problem area
  • Stubborn knots in muscles can be loosened
  • Sexy massage is incredibly very therapeutic for pre and post training to cut back the chance of injury

Is Massage Therapist Johannesburg Necessary?

Sensual Massage In Johannesburg

I believe Tantra to essentially be described as a beautiful expression of love and spirit. Tantra uses the strongest energy we as human shells possess, our vital life-creating or sex energy, to unblock your power centres and awaken your spirit. A teacher once described it as being creating poetry together with your soul. I am fully alert to my views requiring you to think after dark tangible and also to have confidence in the great Divine but the universe wants us to a minimum of attempt change rather than relax.- The latest state-of-the-art massage equipment provides superior results by giving a deep penetrating massage that stimulates the complex nerve system about the soles of the feet

  • Adult massage is employed to build a warm, soothing sensation that causes instant relaxation and pleasure
  • As sexy massage the body releases tension and stress, blood flow improves and toxins and bacteria are removed from the blood stream
  • Erotic massage affects both our mental and physical abilities by releasing tense muscles, eliminating pain and soreness and allowing a renewed energy to naturally occur

Adult massage is more expensive than your typical rub down. This type of massage can run $150 or higher determined by where it is performed. The massage therapist must move through extensive training before becoming certified to do Adult massage Johannesburg. There is a spiritual aspect to sex massage that distinguishes it using their company kinds of massage. The sexy massage that happen to be used are each believed to possess a healing power that belongs to them when placed onto certain parts of the body.  Contact Me For A Massage Session